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Feasibility Study for VR Vake Skyview Tbilisi

Here at Cushman and Wakefield Georgia, we are absolutely thrilled to announce the successful completion of a comprehensive feasibility study for aparthotel development within the VR Vake Skyview Tower Project. This endeavor promises to redefine the future of real estate by introducing immersive experiences in the vibrant city of Tbilisi. Our dedicated team conducted a thorough market analysis, meticulously assessed the aparthotel's financial feasibility, and provided invaluable development recommendations.

We are excited to share that the launch of VR Vake Skyview Tower is imminent, and we're eagerly anticipating the addition of this brand-new, transformative experience to the city of Tbilisi. We firmly believe that the project's innovative concept is poised to set new industry standards, profoundly impacting the hospitality and commercial real estate landscape in Tbilisi.

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