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Going Green | Towards a More Sustainable Future

Environmental issues are some of the most pressing matters at the forefront of global activism. Since the industrial revolution, technological advancement has endangered the world ecosystems while also outpacing their ability to cope, adapt and survive. The ideology of environmentalism has evolved to build resilience towards the effects of global climate change and to protect the Earth’s resources needed for humanity’s development on a global, regional and local level. With the risk of a global environmental collapse increasing at an annual rate, it is imperative that we take steps to address these issues, advocate for ecological accountability and conservation and restrict what could be detrimental to the planet as much as possible. What is needed, is better environmental policies, transformation of consumer habits and comprehensive changes in our lifestyle.

In line with ongoing sustainability activism and the leading role that real estate can play in contributing to environmental conservation, we are offering a series of articles, in which we will be reviewing the importance of greener orientation and sustainability in Real Estate. We will be touching upon what makes a building “green”, the sustainable methods, materials and practices, financial benefits of developing eco-friendly buildings and the local and global contexts in which these practices play out. We will gradually narrow the focus onto our country, and assess where Georgian real estate stands on the road to sustainability. 

This publication, introduces the concept of green buildings and brings LEED certification on stage reviewing the primary assessment criteria; it details sustainable materials used in construction, presents two cases of LEED-certified buildings, and lastly discusses COVID-19 and the changes it brought in terms of the importance of taking prodigious steps towards sustainability.

Going Green | Towards a More Sustainable Future


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