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Oracle | Lease Renewal


Challenge faced by Cushman & Wakefield Georgia with regards to Oracle consisted of relocating the company while staying sensitive to the associated costs. The company expressed preference for a well-equipped business centre in the business district of the city. Hence, C&W Georgia had to balance the cost-sensitivity with quality requirements of the client.


Solution and Results

C&W Georgia considered both stay and go scenarios in-depth, creating tailored competitive set of 9 business centers in Baku. RFPs were delivered for all nine possible locations. The selection process involved shortlisting of the offerings, and an in-depth assessment of how good of a match each of the options was to the client’s requirements.

Apart from delivering the results within one month, instead of the projected two-month timeline, C&W team also obtained the largest savings for the client on a lease renewal/moving project to date. Choosing the renewal, rather than moving scenario, and after renegotiating lease terms, Oracle saved $8,000 as well as additional capex costs, which would have been incurred under the move scenario. C&W Georgia also obtained additional free parking and a break option, which previously was not part of the lease agreement between Oracle and the landlord.


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